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Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)
We undertake energy surveys to produce EPCs throughout the UK.  We receive instructions on behalf of the property's Landlord or Tenant from either the Landlord, Tenant, Property Agent or Solicitor. 

It is now law that an EPC is required when a property is marketed for sale and/or let.  The intended purpose of an EPC is to inform a potential purchaser or tenant of the energy efficiency of the property.  An EPC is currently valid for 10 years.

An EPC is produced in several stages, comprising a Site Survey, Desk Top Research, Data InputEPC Production and EPC Submission

Site Survey
Depending on the size and complexity of the property this can take one hour, several hours, a day or several days on site gathering the necessary data.  The following is a list (not exhaustive) of the typical data gathered:

  • A scale plan is drawn up of the property and every area within the property is measured.
  • Every wall, floor, ceiling and roof is measured and their construction noted.
  • Every window, roof light and door is measured and their construction and use noted. 
  • All building services (e.g. heating, ventilation and  air conditioning systems) are examined and their model and specification details noted.
  • All lighting in the property is examined and their type and the total wattage is calculated for each area.

Desk Top Research
All the data collected on site is then reviewed and the actual thermal properties and/or efficiencies for specific building fabric and HVAC services is then either calculated or obtained from the specific manufacturer's data.

Data Input
Once the data has been verified it is input into a government approved energy calculation software package.  In our case we use iSBEM and G-iSBEM.  Once we are satisfied that the data has been input correctly and the energy rating is within a norm for the particular property, based on both our and industry experience, we then check the software generated recommendations.  We generally remove a number of recommendations which we believe  are inappropriate, but equally importantly, we may add recommendations to reduce energy, based on our experience and best practise.

EPC Production and EPC Submission
When we are completely satisfied with our data input and our energy saving recommendations, we calculate and produce the final EPC for lodgement on the government database, currently managed by Landmark plc.  A copy of the EPC and Recommendation Report is then sent to the Landlord and/or their representative.

Display Energy Certificates (DECs)
It is now law that any public building over 1,000 square metres visited by the public must have a DEC and an Advisory Report.   It is produced in a similar manner to an EPC but is designed to provide information to the building user and the public as to how energy efficient it is and how well it is being operated.  It considers the energy usage over a 12 month period for the entire building and, if zoned, the energy usage for different parts and uses of the building.  If the utilies are not sub-metered then this will be shown in the Advisory Report.  The rating of the building will improve the more the utilities can be sub-metered in the subsequent period of energy usage.

A DEC is valid for 12 months and the Advisory report is valid for seven years.

Our knowledge of properties and their building services results in EPC's, DEC's and Air Conditioning Reports being produced quickly and at sensible rates.

 Energy Audits | Energy Monitoring and Targeting | Smart Metering

We carry out energy surveys in order to highlight to the property owner/tenant how they can reduce their energy costs.  Often it is not "rocket science" to outline simple measures, but users either do not have the time or they do not realise how certain activities are wasting energy. 

Our surveys are cost effective and pay for themselves within 12 months.  If we can't see cost effective ways to reduce your energy costs then we won't charge you.

Do you require an EPC, DEC or Energy advice - then please contact Andrew Martindale and his team.