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ICO SBEM Calculations

What is SBEM?
It means Simplified Building Energy Model.  It is a government approved calculation software tool that provides an analysis of a building’s energy consumption.

SBEM calculations
Approved Document L2A (ADL2A) of the Building Regulations states that all new non domestic buildings must be designed and built to a standard, such that the calculated Building CO
Emission Rate (BER) is no worse than the Target CO Emission Rate (BER).

The SBEM calculation is used to demonstrate compliance with ADL2A so that Building Control can give permission to commence construction of the building.

ADL2A buildings
ADL2A applies to new build properties over 50 m² and to large extensions to existing buildings, where the extension is greater than 100 m² and more than 25% of the total useful floor area of the building being extended.

SBEM calculation stages
There are two stages to meeting Building Regulation compliance, As Designed and As Built.

·        An As Designed SBEM compliance calculation is required before construction begins.

·        An As Built SBEM compliance calculation is performed when the building is completed

On completion of these two stages an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) can be issued.  

For advice or assistance with your SBEM requirement – then please contact Andrew Martindale and his team.